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How to attract viewers

I guess it comes down to writing interesting things! But what the hell interests people? I don’t know. I thought provocative, weird posts would attract people. But, not really. I found if I go to popular blogs and leave lots … Continue reading

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Today I heard Angels singing!

I heard Angels singing this afternoon at work (well, actually, it was more like early this evening). I knew something really good had happened and tonight I found out what it was. Sorry, but I’m not going to tell you! … Continue reading

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How I Learned to Become Another Person (Part 2)

Ok, here’s the second part that I promised I would talk about. Halloween at age 10. I don’t know exactly when it started. I remember at age 10 I dressed up as a girl for Halloween and had been doing … Continue reading

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Fate (or God or Allah or Goddess or whatever) never ceases to amaze me!

It might just be confirmation bias but then again, I don’t really WANT to believe in a deity. It’s just that things seem to keep pointing in that direction. Like 5 years ago, I suddenly spent $2000.00 on a professional … Continue reading

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I used to do this!

My instructor taught me Simd but I never had a chance to perform it before he moved to San Francisco! 😦 At the time, I was the only man in the United States who could perform it! 🙂 I once … Continue reading

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Yay Joe Sestak!!

What else can I say?! He beat that Republican in sheep’s clothing Arlan Specter!! WAY TO GO JOE!!

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Please stop the oil! I'm scared!

This has to stop people! It has to stop! 😥 Stop the oil! We MUST make an example of the negligent destroyers of nature! We must completely dismantle British Petroleum and seize ALL of their assets (at least those that … Continue reading

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