The Kings of Earth, Snippet #4

“Oh Dear Shaka!”, she almost vomited as her knees nearly collapsed underneath her.  She reflexively covered her mouth, eyes wide with an expression of revulsion and horror.
“You …. you …… you’re a …… WHAT?!”
“No!” she muttered under her breath as she started backing slowly away.
“It’s not possible.  Dear Shaka PLEASE tell me it’s not true!”
She looked quickly around, eyes darting this way and that, as if looking for a way to escape.

Of course she knew it was true.  The evidence had been staring her in the face for months …. or more.

Her voice broke as tears began to flood her eyes.
“I loved you Athariel!”, she screamed.
“I loved you!”

Tears were dripping rapidly on the ground.

“I can’t see”, she spoke softly; hesitantly.

There was silence for about half a moment.

“I’m sorry,” Athariel replied almost inaudibly as she stared intently at the ground, eyes moistening rapidly, her face twisting and contorting as she struggled valiently to hold back a flood of tears.
“I can’t help what I am.”, she said with an unexpected resolve.
“I am what I am and there’s no changing that.”

There was silence again.

“Do you hate me?”, queried Athariel, softly, at last.

After a long pause, Alay finally answered.
“How can I hate you Ath?”
“You’ve saved my life a dozen times.”

They looked at each other for a very long time until Alay’s face visibly relaxed and she looked up from the ground into Athariel’s eyes.
“Your eyes are lavender,” she said at last.
Athariel couldn’t help but crack a smile though the pain was readily apparent in the contortion’s that rippled back and forth across her face.
Suddenly Alay reached out and wrapped her arms around Athariel.
“I can’t hate you Ath!”
“I don’t understand how this can be; but it is.”
And suddenly, they were laughing and weeping hysterically, arms wrapped around each other, tears dripping on their toes.

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