The Kings of Earth, Snippet #4

“Oh Dear Shaka!”, she almost vomited as her knees nearly collapsed underneath her.  She reflexively covered her mouth, eyes wide with an expression of revulsion and horror.
“You …. you …… you’re a …… WHAT?!”
“No!” she muttered under her breath as she started backing slowly away.
“It’s not possible.  Dear Shaka PLEASE tell me it’s not true!”
She looked quickly around, eyes darting this way and that, as if looking for a way to escape.

Of course she knew it was true.  The evidence had been staring her in the face for months …. or more.

Her voice broke as tears began to flood her eyes.
“I loved you Athariel!”, she screamed.
“I loved you!”

Tears were dripping rapidly on the ground.

“I can’t see”, she spoke softly; hesitantly.

There was silence for about half a moment.

“I’m sorry,” Athariel replied almost inaudibly as she stared intently at the ground, eyes moistening rapidly, her face twisting and contorting as she struggled valiently to hold back a flood of tears.
“I can’t help what I am.”, she said with an unexpected resolve.
“I am what I am and there’s no changing that.”

There was silence again.

“Do you hate me?”, queried Athariel, softly, at last.

After a long pause, Alay finally answered.
“How can I hate you Ath?”
“You’ve saved my life a dozen times.”

They looked at each other for a very long time until Alay’s face visibly relaxed and she looked up from the ground into Athariel’s eyes.
“Your eyes are lavender,” she said at last.
Athariel couldn’t help but crack a smile though the pain was readily apparent in the contortion’s that rippled back and forth across her face.
Suddenly Alay reached out and wrapped her arms around Athariel.
“I can’t hate you Ath!”
“I don’t understand how this can be; but it is.”
And suddenly, they were laughing and weeping hysterically, arms wrapped around each other, tears dripping on their toes.

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The Kings of Earth, Snippet #3

They walked in silence for a few minutes and she could see the conflicting thoughts flickering across his face.  As they walked, she noticed a little boy about 2 years old in nothing but a diaper that was constantly almost falling down and appeared to be ‘full’.  She recognized the pattern of a handicapped or drug addicted mother, probably too young, struggling with every ounce of her ingenuity and emotional strength to care for children she shouldn’t have had anyway.

Sathra didn’t notice.

Suddenly his eyes lit up again.
It’s kinda funny how his face would be all scrunched up with tension, eyes kinda furrowed and dark as if thinking was hard work and then suddenly his whole face would relax and his eyelids pop wide open  when he grasped a concept or remembered a thought.

“Hey!  You’re 21?”
“Yeah”, she replied as she wondered why he’d suddenly thought of it.
“Then you’re old enough to drink?”
“Yeah,” she replied hesitantly knowing this was probably going to mean she would have to use one of her fake IDs
“Well, we just passed a bar back there.  I know the drinking age in Talitheria is 20 so, let’s get a beer!”
“In the middle of the day?” she questioned with a touch of annoyance and a touch of surprise in her tone
“Sure, beer is good for you!”
“Grows hair on your chest”
“Hair on my chest! Yuck!  Why would I want hair on my chest?”
He laughed loudly.

He didn’t laugh often but when he did it was at some of the oddest things  It was a loud, full, robust kind of laugh.  The kind that came from the gut all the way up through the chest and shook his entire body.

“It’s just an expression”.
He chuckled again.
“It just means it makes you tough”.
“Oh” she replied demurely.
“I guess it would be good to be tough if I’m going to be traveling amongst the stars where Pirates and Dragons roam the clouds.”
“Yeah,” he snorted.  Then almost chuckled.
“It would be good to be tough.”

“Does that mean I can come with you?” she asked with a restrained excitement barely perceptibly leaking around the edges of the mask she wore to protect her self.
“We’ll see” he replied gruffly.
“If you can walk into that bar back there, have a few beers, stay on your barstool and walk out of the bar with me, then you can come”.
“Ok” she replied uncertainly.
This wasn’t going to be an easy test.
Talitheria is known across the empire as the City of Sin but they aren’t that tolerant to alcohol.
Mild, relatively harmless intoxicants such as Ecstasy or Psilymaje sure.  They’re pretty loose about that and even 13-year-olds can go into a Psi Parlor and drink Lucidor without getting carded.

But alcohol?
That’s another thing altogether.  If it weren’t for the human population that demanded it, it wouldn’t even be legal.
She could hold her own when it came to Lucidor but a 97 pound teenaged Purple against a 185 lb, 157-year-old, muscular, working class human with alcohol?
She could only hope she would be able to walk out of the bar after they were done

As they entered the bar and the bouncer stopped them for their IDs, Aleitheia fumbled briefly with her wallet as if she were unfamiliar with its usage.
Did she recognize him?  It was too dark to tell and the way he paused briefly as he scanned her with a critical look, she thought maybe he recognized her as well.
Perhaps he was a bouncer at one of the Psi Parlours she used to frequent when she was on the streets.
For just a moment it looked as if he was going to say something.  Did he know the ID was fake?
Then he gave them a quick nod in the direction of the bar indicating they could enter.
Whew! She signed audibly.  Maybe he knew she was less than a year away from the legal drinking age.  Not worth confronting a potential customer over an ID that might or might not be fake.
The police Raiders probably wouldn’t even know it was fake since they don’t have the budget to do the deep computer searches that would reveal it as such and, even if they did, they wouldn’t blame the bar’s outdated scanners, much less the bouncers, for not recognizing it.
As much as the Shalandrans don’t like alcohol, they tend to be a compassionate lot and understand that bars don’t make a lot of money so they can’t afford the fancy ID scanners that the Psi Parlours use;  when they use them.

The room was filled with smoke and she nearly choked as she took quick shallow breaths to avoid breathing too deeply.
“These humans are disgusting,” she thought.
“These alcohol bars are the only place left on Shalandra that even allow smoking,” she muttered under her breath..  Even in Talitheria; though the corrupt government fought the state of Paschkaala tooth and nail when they made it a state law.
The cities of New Calaedia were used to having a great deal of autonomy.  Especially in a city like Talitheria where the insanely rich Oners have so much power.

“The One Resort” Talitheria is often called because the Oners consider it their playground and they have the money to insure it stays that way.  There are even rumors that a few Quints have vacation home in Talitheria.  I guess quintillions of goldrans can pretty much buy a government.

But times were changing.  Shalandra was struggling to keep its planet from consuming all available resources with a population topping 250 billion.  The tide was flowing in a new direction and even relatively libertarian countries such as New Calaedia were beginning to realize that they would need to start reigning in their more permissive cities and states.

“They wallow in their filth as if they’re proud of it.”
“Why the hell am I thinking of going off to the stars with a human?”, she sighed again.
Maybe it would have been better if the bouncer had refused her entry.

“Whatsamatter, Alley?” Sathra asked in amusement
“Too dark and smokey for a Purple in here?” he chortled
She heard a few quick belly chuckles around the bar as her eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness and she made out the impossibly large figures of a few humans scattered amongst the overly tall bar-stools. There weren’t any Shalandrans amongst them.  One might be a Cerelian but she couldn’t be sure since they are at least as big as humans and a Purple isn’t likely to be able to distinguish one from a human unless he was undressed. She almost let a giggle escape but held it to a snort as she noticed that the guy she thought might be a Cerelian was almost twice as big as Sathra; except horizontally instead of vertically, and the repulsive picture of a giant naked Cerelian involuntarily floated across her mind’s eye.

As they walked forward and Sathra climbed onto a barstool, the tips of his toes hung down and just touched the floor.
Aleitheia climbed onto the stool and hung her feet well above the floor as if she were a child.  How much more humiliating was this “test” going to get?
As the bartender sauntered over, his giant belly swaying back and forth, he chortled as he asked “So what kin I get you and yer petunia?”
Sathra gristled at the term as he replied, “Listen joe!  She’s not my petunia.  Just introducing her to the ways of humans.”
For a moment he stared at the bartender with a look of daggers as the bartender met his gaze.  It was almost as if they were fighting a battle with their eyes and she understood that this could degenerate into a physical fight that could snap her neck like a bird at any moment.
Suddenly the bartender broke off and she realized that Sathra had won.

“Ok, bud.  You don’t call me joe, I won’t call her petunia”.
“Fair ’nuff,” Sathra replied as they grasped forearms and squeezed hard enough to break the tiny bones in Aleitheia’s hands.

“By the way”, Aleitheia finally whispered to Sathra.
“My name isn’t Alley.  I prefer you call me AleithEia but If you must shorten it the way you humans like to do, you can call me AlAy.  Accent on the second syllAble”.
“Ok, Alley” he replied.with a mischievous smile.
She sighed in resignation.

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The Kings of Earth, Snippet #2

As her mind wandered into the void, gradually she noticed a barely perceptible lavender glow out of the corner of her left eye.  It wasn’t her imagination.  She was sure it was there.

It’s said that the ones with the lavender eyes are the ones who see into the voids of the universe and as they see the voids, they see the clouds.

Turning the ship gently in the direction of the glow, she knew this was the way.  The way home.  The way out of the void.  At 99.99996% of the speed of light, a gentle turn would take them octillions of kilometers in seconds.  She might commit them forever into a void or forever into a cloud of hydrogen that they could scoop into their fusion engine for the ride home.  Some say that God created the lavender eyed ones to navigate the voids. She lost herself amongst the Wraiths.

“I hope you know what you were doing,” Sathra intoned softly.
As she climbed out of the depths of the pits of her stupor, she groggily replied, “Yes.  I saw the Wraiths”.
“What?!”, he exclaimed.  “You were supposed to get us out of the void!  Not follow Wraiths!”  “What the HELL have you done?!”
“No, no.  She gently smiled.  “You don’t understand.  The clouds ARE the Wraiths”.  “I finally figured it out.  The Wraiths ARE the clouds!”

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The Kings of Earth, Snippet #1

I have an idea for a novel I want to write.  I’ve wanted to write one for a very long time but I don’t have the patience, or sufficient desire or time or energy or much of anything else.  But, this idea just hit me.  It’s called, “The Kings of Earth”.  Don’t confuse it with “Kings of The Earth”, it’s “The Kings of Earth”.  It’s science fiction.  Here’s a passage that I thought of, just randomly, out of the middle.

“They say there are Wraiths out here in the dead zones,” she sighed as a shadow crossed her lavender eyes and bent her lashes down.
Sathra could see a glisten of the crystal walls in Aleitheia’s eyes as she spoke, looking for all the empire, like an amethyst sprinkled in a drop of water.
“Nahh, that’s just little whore tales!” “You grew up in the orphanages of Talitheria … with them poor little haunted kids. Of course they’re gonna tell you about Wraiths. They was raised by devils”.
“I was raised by devils too, Sathra”, her voice trailed off as her body drooped with the weariness of a thousand ages.
He didn’t say any more for a very long time as the ship sailed across the endless waters of the void. Maybe. Just maybe he could see some Wraiths out there after all.
After 900 million years, 32 quadrillion people (maybe 42 quadrillion depending on what you consider a person) and what, a dectillion kilometers? Did their insignificant lives matter?
So what if it ends here?
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Occupy Wall Street

I don’t know how many of you have been paying attention to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.  I’ve been paying VERY close attention.  I really believe this is the most important event of our time.  Perhaps the most important of our lifetimes.

People are finally starting to get it.  Our country has been conquered by the rich and we are losing out big-time!

I’ve been keeping close contact with them through the web site and debating when I can.  This is important people!  Very important!

The thing that really pisses me off is that the people down there are really good people but the super mega-rich, multi-millionaires have been trying to make it sound like THEY’RE the victims and the Occupy Wall Street people are the dregs of society.  They aren’t!  Most of them are ordinary people who just want to be given a fair chance in our society.

So, I thought I’d compile a quick look at what the mega-rich, multi-millionaires are saying about us (uh, I mean them … I’m contributing a lot of money to them but I’m not down there with them …. yet).

Rush Limbaugh: anarchists … union thugs … bunch of lunatics

Glenn Beck: they will … kill you

Eric Cantor: Sowing class envy and social disrest

Newt Gingrich: have been teaching anti-Americanism

Ann Coulter: openly embracing their demonic aspects

Peter King: really important for us not to give any legitimacy to these people in the streets.

Sean Hannity: Marxist … want to destroy America … Hate liberty

Bill O’Reilly: a bunch of loony, far-left, America-hating anarchists who want to burn down all the stores and kill us all

Mitt Romney: anarchists … looking for scapegoats … boy, I understand how they feel

Karl Rove: One is a Constitution-loving, law-abiding group of people and this is a group of left-wing lunatics and nuts, whose first thing is to violate the law.

Laura Ingram: Hug the rich!

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I think I just did the third worst thing I’ve ever done in my life

Oh F! Oh F! Oh F! Oh F! S! F!

I just killed a mouse!

Oh God!!  I can’t believe I did that!  But I had too!

I will NEVER put out a killing mouse trap again!!

The mouse trap caught its paw and it was screaming and screaming and I couldn’t let it go because it would just suffer, probably for days, until it died.  So I put it in a bowl and drowned it!  Oh God!!!  I can’t believe I did that!!  It was sooooo horrible!!  I will NEVER use a killing mouse trap again!  NEVER!

What else could I have done!?


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I’m going to start posting again

Even though I don’t have any readers any more and I’m kind of too busy, I’m going to start posting again.  Part of my problem has been that I haven’t really had the time to sit down and concentrate on a good post.  But right now, I just want to get my thoughts out there so I’m just going to make quick posts whenever I think I have something important to say.

I’m going to start with the Occupy Wall Street movement because, right now, I believe this is the most important event of our time.  Perhaps in most of our lifetimes.

I’m still not going to give away my real name in public because I have too many acquaintances and co-workers who I don’t want to know some things about me.  Not to mention bosses.  Maybe I will when I retire and don’t have to worry about co-workers and bosses any more.  That’s still a few (or more) years off though.  Or who knows?  Maybe I’ll win the lottery and not have to work any more.


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