The Kings of Earth, Snippet #1

I have an idea for a novel I want to write.  I’ve wanted to write one for a very long time but I don’t have the patience, or sufficient desire or time or energy or much of anything else.  But, this idea just hit me.  It’s called, “The Kings of Earth”.  Don’t confuse it with “Kings of The Earth”, it’s “The Kings of Earth”.  It’s science fiction.  Here’s a passage that I thought of, just randomly, out of the middle.

“They say there are Wraiths out here in the dead zones,” she sighed as a shadow crossed her lavender eyes and bent her lashes down.
Sathra could see a glisten of the crystal walls in Aleitheia’s eyes as she spoke, looking for all the empire, like an amethyst sprinkled in a drop of water.
“Nahh, that’s just little whore tales!” “You grew up in the orphanages of Talitheria … with them poor little haunted kids. Of course they’re gonna tell you about Wraiths. They was raised by devils”.
“I was raised by devils too, Sathra”, her voice trailed off as her body drooped with the weariness of a thousand ages.
He didn’t say any more for a very long time as the ship sailed across the endless waters of the void. Maybe. Just maybe he could see some Wraiths out there after all.
After 900 million years, 32 quadrillion people (maybe 42 quadrillion depending on what you consider a person) and what, a dectillion kilometers? Did their insignificant lives matter?
So what if it ends here?
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