How I learned to become another person

Ok, somebody asked me about this, so I guess I have to tell the story. It’s a hard story to tell. One that I’ve only told to a few people and most of those people have either robbed me, tried to rob me, betrayed me or left me.

I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I was looking so hard for people who would accept me for what I am, that I failed to look for people who are moral. I believe in kindness with all my heart, but kindness can be faked, and I also believe in morality with all my heart. There are some people I’ve met online who don’t understand the depth of my commitment to morality; and kindness; and now they’ve run away. I wish they could know, but I suppose they will never know the depth of my heart because they’ve run away and may never be able to see the depth of wisdom, born of pain, that lurks in my soul. I hope they come back some day because they will see joys and sorrows, so deep, so meaningful that it will help them to understand the glory of life. It will help them to understand that most of the “good” people in their lives are NOT good and some of the “bad” people in their lives are not bad! It’s because they’ve been tricked by the mundane into accepting the standard concept of good and evil. They don’t understand that much of what they’ve been taught as evil is really good and much of what theyve been taught as good is actually evil.

Right now, I’m heating up Ramen noodles. Sounds like a teenager doesn’t it? Well! Maybe I am still a teenager at heart! At least in some ways. But at least I add lots of red pepper to it! Lol!

So here it begins.

You won’t get much out of me tonight because I’m too drunk, but I’ll give it a try.

So. To start with. I don’t want my family members or co-workers to know this. None of them. I suppose it’s sad, but it’s the life I’ve been compelled to live. I cannot live any other life at this point.

I’m drunk tonight. Drunk enough that I can’t avoid knocking a piece of ice out of the icemaker as I load up on my famous gin and water drink, but not so drunk that my insanely fast reflexes don’t allow me to catch it before it hits the floor. 🙂
My reflexes are phenomenal even at my age (yes, I’m an old man little boys and girls!) 🙂

Well, enough for tonight.

The next time I write, I’ll talk about Halloween when I was 10-years-old

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