Fate (or God or Allah or Goddess or whatever) never ceases to amaze me!

It might just be confirmation bias but then again, I don’t really WANT to believe in a deity. It’s just that things seem to keep pointing in that direction.

Like 5 years ago, I suddenly spent $2000.00 on a professional sound system, on a bizarre whim, that I’ve never even used (except to try it out to make sure it worked) because it’s WAAAAY more power than I need (or want….or the neighbors can bear). Now, tonight, 5 years later, my BFF and roommate’s son tells me he and his friends have started a band. And guess what?! I just happen to have a sound system that’s PERFECT for a “garage band” sitting in my basement gathering dust. There’s a reason for all the bizarre things that are happening and because I tend to act on instinct, without understanding why, I think the Universe often works through me

Think about it! There’s probably a reason why you’ve stumbled onto my blog 🙂

Then again, since nobody reads my blog, I might just be delusional LOL!!

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