Today I heard Angels singing!

I heard Angels singing this afternoon at work (well, actually, it was more like early this evening). I knew something really good had happened and tonight I found out what it was. Sorry, but I’m not going to tell you! 🙂

Of course it doesn’t matter anyway because nobody reads my blog. Yesterday, I did a LOT of work to leave comments ALL over wordpress and for ONE day my views shot up from an average of about 1.5 a day to 22. Then today. Nothing! Not one view. *sigh*

Am I insane? Perhaps. I actually hear things from time to time but they’re VERY, VERY faint and rare. Usually music (I think this is only about the 3rd time I’ve heard Angels singing) and I think it might just be my brain interpolating the faint sounds around me as something else. When I hear “the voice” I only hear one word and I can rarely make it out. When I can, it’s usually just a woman saying my name. I’ve only had visions twice and they were while I was meditating and the first one was pretty faint and the second one was probably just a lucid dream. I have had about 20 or so out of body experiences but they never last long enough for me to figure out if they’re real or just lucid dreams.

Yeah, I know I’m acting like a 50-year-old teenager but I think it’s because of that Cymbalta. I think it’s turning me into a kid again. And I don’t care! I fact, I LIKE it! lol!

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