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Last Gasp of the White Christian Monarchs!

In the last few months, I’ve been witnessing a growing hatred and anger building in the United States by the right wing. It’s an unfocused anger that has given rise to “Tea Parties”, accusations of Racism against our decidedly non-racist, … Continue reading

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Of Bigots and Bullies – Muslims: Go to the back of the bus! <– Note: This is what AMERICANS are effectively saying, NOT ME!

And in the meantime, millions of Pakistanis suffer because of the floods in their country!!,8599,2010949,00.html?xid=rss-topstories   There is a debate going on in America right now that I find truly beyond belief! I am stunned that this kind … Continue reading

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Welcome to America! (Illegal Immigrants!) :)

One thing I’ve noticed about the “Illegal Immigration” debate is that the people who are the most opposed to it (including some of my relatives) seem to only be concerned about issues that involve people with other skin colors. Now … Continue reading

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Build the Mosque! With the BLESSING of the TRUE Americans!

Thank Goddess there are still Americans who believe in our constitution & freedom of religion & are willing to stand up to the monsters who would destroy our great country with´╗┐ their hated & religious intolerance. Thank Goddess there are … Continue reading

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You go! Lady Gaga!! Stop Prejudice!

We have to root out and stop prejudice wherever it occurs whether it’s against “black” people or “brown” people or “gay” people or strange religions or strange cultures or “girlie men”! Prejudice HAS to STOP!

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