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My doodles

These are some doodles I do during boring meetings. My boss told me they were art but *blush*, I’m no artist! They’re just doodles (though it might be interesting to see what a psychologist makes of them ) 🙂 The … Continue reading

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Bullying is so sad

I was savagely bullied as a child and it hurts SOOO, SOOO much when I see or even hear about a child being bullied! Tonight I heard about a 15-year-old girl who was bullied until she committed suicide!!! I just … Continue reading

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Goddess I love kindness!

What more can I say? Kindness makes me cry because there’s so little of it in this world. And because I’ve felt so little of it. It’s so hard to find people who are kind to those who are different. … Continue reading

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I wish you could have gotten to know me, you would have liked me! :)

It’s so unfortunate that you had to find out about me the way you did. I wish I had gotten to know you as myself from the beginning. You would like me if you did! 🙂 But I had never … Continue reading

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I Killed A Kitten!

Oh God!!!! You have no idea how hard this is to say! My chest hurts! 😦 I have to scream in my mind to block out the thought!! It was a long time ago. Ten, maybe twelve years, and it’s … Continue reading

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Lollipop Heroes!

There are kids out there who have gone through things I can’t even begin to understand! Children whose parents have killed themselves. Children who have survived cancer! Children who have suffered starvation and abuse and rape and cruelty beyond my … Continue reading

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Today I accepted death

I was sitting at my chair in my office and all of a sudden, I KNEW, for a fact, that if I wanted to die, I could just let go and die. I almost did! I looked around and everything … Continue reading

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