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The Kings of Earth, Snippet #2

As her mind wandered into the void, gradually she noticed a barely perceptible lavender glow out of the corner of her left eye.  It wasn’t her imagination.  She was sure it was there. It’s said that the ones with the … Continue reading

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Finally got the restriction lifted!

Thank Goddess!  I finally got the restriction on my IP address lifted!  Listen WordPress, if you’re paying attention, I swear I will never step out of line again!

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I have brain damage from a vitamin B12 deficiency?

I discovered something today.  Over the years, I’ve had an increasingly difficult time sleeping until it got so bad that I had to get very drunk to sleep.  I’ve never been a drinker but it was the only thing I … Continue reading

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A Rational Counter Proposal to Paul Ryan’s Budget

Before I begin this post, let me just issue a hearty welcome to whoever visited me from Redondo Beach, CA! 🙂 Whether you’re SBF, TF, MF, DF, (CF not from Redondo Beach but maybe visiting his relatives) or MA, please … Continue reading

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WordPress – Are you going to suspend me again?

I did my best to figure out what I had done wrong but I guess I’m just not that good at figuring out when I do things wrong. I need somebody to tell me and you wouldn’t tell me what … Continue reading

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Hey Zipo, I’d like to talk to you if you’re interested.

The things you said to me really hurt ;’) and it’s hard for me to be so deeply insulted without talking about it. I don’t bite hard, I promise! 🙂

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I miss my little one! ;'(

And people, when you see me put a crying emoticon on my blog, I really am crying. Although he’s not “mine”, he belongs to my bff/roommate’s son, but I just call him my little one because that’s what I think … Continue reading

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