The Kings of Earth, Snippet #2

As her mind wandered into the void, gradually she noticed a barely perceptible lavender glow out of the corner of her left eye.  It wasn’t her imagination.  She was sure it was there.

It’s said that the ones with the lavender eyes are the ones who see into the voids of the universe and as they see the voids, they see the clouds.

Turning the ship gently in the direction of the glow, she knew this was the way.  The way home.  The way out of the void.  At 99.99996% of the speed of light, a gentle turn would take them octillions of kilometers in seconds.  She might commit them forever into a void or forever into a cloud of hydrogen that they could scoop into their fusion engine for the ride home.  Some say that God created the lavender eyed ones to navigate the voids. She lost herself amongst the Wraiths.

“I hope you know what you were doing,” Sathra intoned softly.
As she climbed out of the depths of the pits of her stupor, she groggily replied, “Yes.  I saw the Wraiths”.
“What?!”, he exclaimed.  “You were supposed to get us out of the void!  Not follow Wraiths!”  “What the HELL have you done?!”
“No, no.  She gently smiled.  “You don’t understand.  The clouds ARE the Wraiths”.  “I finally figured it out.  The Wraiths ARE the clouds!”

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