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Uh oh! I think I freaked her out! :(

Hey Maya! Is it something I said? If I did, I’m really sorry! You don’t have to run away. Just ask me to go away and I will. I know you want people to read your blog so I’d hate … Continue reading

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Wanna vote republican NOW?!

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Thought Provoking Posts …………….. from a 12-year-old?! :)

Well, technically she’s still 11 but she’s darn close to 12 so I’ll call her 12 😉 There’s this girl whose blog I read from time to time. Recently she changed it and started posting quotes and other …………… well, … Continue reading

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And then there's beauty and gentleness!

Rainy Dance

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Damn I wish I could dance like that again!

Narodno Kolo Majstor igra I actually used to dance to music like that! But I’m too out of shape now. *sigh*! Does anybody ever read my blog? I won’t ask anybody to, because I don’t like asking people to do … Continue reading

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Are pessimists really worse off than optimists?

Think about it! If you’re always expecting the worst, then life will almost always be better than you expected!! LOL!!

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My Testicles Still Retract!

Ok, I know this is a ridiculous post and if there are any children viewing it they might be kind of whacked out but………. you know what? I don’t give a damn any more. Children don’t need to be protected … Continue reading

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