My fax to Representative Anthony Weiner

Dear Representative Weiner,

I am over 50 years old yet until a few years ago, I had little knowledge of, or interest, in politics. There are many things that awakened my interest, not the least of which was the discovery that there were politicians who I respected and believed in. Among these were Senator Bernie Sanders, Representative Barney Frank, Representative Alan Grayson, Representative Dennis Kucinich, Senator Ted Kennedy and …. well …. you.

I must admit I am, quite frankly, badly disillusioned by your behavior and your lies. Your wife and children didn’t deserve this. The constituents who believed in you didn’t deserve this. Forgive me if my standards are high and my naivete comes across as hubris but I can’t help it.

I will still stick by you and support you (as long as there were no under-aged “women” involved or physical adultery) but my support won’t be as enthusiastic as it was in the past. At least I can see that you have a conscience which I have failed to see in the faces of many politicians before you. I love the righteous indignation that you’ve expressed towards the sickening greed of the Republicans of recent years and found it deeply inspiring. However, I now find that fire a little less inspiring. Furthermore, it will be some time before I trust you again. If you can keep a secret like this and then lie about it, how do I know what you say about politics is true? It will take a lot of work on your part to regain my trust.

I don’t know why I’m bothering to send this fax. I’m a nobody. I think I only contributed a few hundred dollars (if even that) to you, but I hope you can see in my pain, the pain of thousands of your constituents and will work as hard as you possibly can to regain our trust.



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