I have brain damage from a vitamin B12 deficiency?

I discovered something today.  Over the years, I’ve had an increasingly difficult time sleeping until it got so bad that I had to get very drunk to sleep.  I’ve never been a drinker but it was the only thing I could do.

Finally, I went to see a Doctor and got an Ambien prescription but the maximum he could prescribe of 10 mg wasn’t enough.  I needed 15 mg but it was against the law to prescribe that much.  So, I combined alcohol,  benadryl and melatonin with the Ambien.

In time, I started having migraine headaches that occurred almost every day, almost all day long.  I couldn’t work.  So my Doctor prescribed Inderol.  That helped the migraines but didn’t help the many, severe neuropathic pains, muscle weakness and muscle “fasciculations”  that were occurring throughout my body.  For that, he prescribed Cymbalta.

It helped.  But the problems were still serious.  And it became harder and harder to sleep and I got more and more tired.  On weekends, I would sometimes sleep 12 or even 14 hours.  But I’m a man.  I didn’t really admit these things to the Doctor.  At least, I wouldn’t admit how bad they were.  I wouldn’t admit how I would have to crank up my adrenalin psychologically all day long to do my job.  In time, the cortisol and adrenalin appears to have taken its toll.

Finally, about 6 months ago, I aspirated a crown that came loose while I was asleep and didn’t even notice it (or forgot) because of the Ambien.  Yeah, I actually breathed an artificial tooth into my lungs and it was there for 4 months before I got pneumonia and HAD to see the Doctor.  You should have heard his reaction when he saw it on the X-Ray! lol!

They did an operation and managed to get it out but they kept me in the hospital for a day afterwards for observation and put me on oxygen for a couple of weeks afterwards.  The interesting thing is that I noticed that the oxygen helped me sleep better.

So they did a sleep study.  Well, I got the results today and it turns out that I have “Sleep Apnea” and a condition that has some similarities to Parkinson’s disease and “Restless Leg Syndrome”.  He told me that I had muscle jerks in all of my limbs 349 times in 6 hours.  I never got into REM sleep or a deep state of sleep during the entire study.  Well, if you google what lack of REM sleep even for days, much less for years and years, can do to a person ….. well.  It’s no wonder I’ve had Out of Body Experiences, Sleep Paralysis, Alien Abduction Hallucinations and Delusions.

Today, he gave me a drug (Ropinirole) that we hope will “tame” the “condition”.  Of course, the question is, what is the cause?  The only thing we can conclude is that I had a vitamin B12 deficiency about 12 years ago that caused brain damage.  It was discovered by my Doctors and I’ve been taking massive doses of B12 since then but the brain damage was permanent and the lack of sleep has caused gradual brain deterioration.

To those who I scared or hurt, I AM TRULY SORRY!  I hope you can forgive me, but I understand if you can’t. Now that I know what the cause is and know that my delusions aren’t real, I can control them, but I know some of the things I did and said were out of line and I understand if you can’t forgive me.

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