Finally got the restriction lifted!

Thank Goddess!  I finally got the restriction on my IP address lifted!  Listen WordPress, if you’re paying attention, I swear I will never step out of line again!

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I have brain damage from a vitamin B12 deficiency?

I discovered something today.  Over the years, I’ve had an increasingly difficult time sleeping until it got so bad that I had to get very drunk to sleep.  I’ve never been a drinker but it was the only thing I could do.

Finally, I went to see a Doctor and got an Ambien prescription but the maximum he could prescribe of 10 mg wasn’t enough.  I needed 15 mg but it was against the law to prescribe that much.  So, I combined alcohol,  benadryl and melatonin with the Ambien.

In time, I started having migraine headaches that occurred almost every day, almost all day long.  I couldn’t work.  So my Doctor prescribed Inderol.  That helped the migraines but didn’t help the many, severe neuropathic pains, muscle weakness and muscle “fasciculations”  that were occurring throughout my body.  For that, he prescribed Cymbalta.

It helped.  But the problems were still serious.  And it became harder and harder to sleep and I got more and more tired.  On weekends, I would sometimes sleep 12 or even 14 hours.  But I’m a man.  I didn’t really admit these things to the Doctor.  At least, I wouldn’t admit how bad they were.  I wouldn’t admit how I would have to crank up my adrenalin psychologically all day long to do my job.  In time, the cortisol and adrenalin appears to have taken its toll.

Finally, about 6 months ago, I aspirated a crown that came loose while I was asleep and didn’t even notice it (or forgot) because of the Ambien.  Yeah, I actually breathed an artificial tooth into my lungs and it was there for 4 months before I got pneumonia and HAD to see the Doctor.  You should have heard his reaction when he saw it on the X-Ray! lol!

They did an operation and managed to get it out but they kept me in the hospital for a day afterwards for observation and put me on oxygen for a couple of weeks afterwards.  The interesting thing is that I noticed that the oxygen helped me sleep better.

So they did a sleep study.  Well, I got the results today and it turns out that I have “Sleep Apnea” and a condition that has some similarities to Parkinson’s disease and “Restless Leg Syndrome”.  He told me that I had muscle jerks in all of my limbs 349 times in 6 hours.  I never got into REM sleep or a deep state of sleep during the entire study.  Well, if you google what lack of REM sleep even for days, much less for years and years, can do to a person ….. well.  It’s no wonder I’ve had Out of Body Experiences, Sleep Paralysis, Alien Abduction Hallucinations and Delusions.

Today, he gave me a drug (Ropinirole) that we hope will “tame” the “condition”.  Of course, the question is, what is the cause?  The only thing we can conclude is that I had a vitamin B12 deficiency about 12 years ago that caused brain damage.  It was discovered by my Doctors and I’ve been taking massive doses of B12 since then but the brain damage was permanent and the lack of sleep has caused gradual brain deterioration.

To those who I scared or hurt, I AM TRULY SORRY!  I hope you can forgive me, but I understand if you can’t. Now that I know what the cause is and know that my delusions aren’t real, I can control them, but I know some of the things I did and said were out of line and I understand if you can’t forgive me.

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My fax to Representative Anthony Weiner

Dear Representative Weiner,

I am over 50 years old yet until a few years ago, I had little knowledge of, or interest, in politics. There are many things that awakened my interest, not the least of which was the discovery that there were politicians who I respected and believed in. Among these were Senator Bernie Sanders, Representative Barney Frank, Representative Alan Grayson, Representative Dennis Kucinich, Senator Ted Kennedy and …. well …. you.

I must admit I am, quite frankly, badly disillusioned by your behavior and your lies. Your wife and children didn’t deserve this. The constituents who believed in you didn’t deserve this. Forgive me if my standards are high and my naivete comes across as hubris but I can’t help it.

I will still stick by you and support you (as long as there were no under-aged “women” involved or physical adultery) but my support won’t be as enthusiastic as it was in the past. At least I can see that you have a conscience which I have failed to see in the faces of many politicians before you. I love the righteous indignation that you’ve expressed towards the sickening greed of the Republicans of recent years and found it deeply inspiring. However, I now find that fire a little less inspiring. Furthermore, it will be some time before I trust you again. If you can keep a secret like this and then lie about it, how do I know what you say about politics is true? It will take a lot of work on your part to regain my trust.

I don’t know why I’m bothering to send this fax. I’m a nobody. I think I only contributed a few hundred dollars (if even that) to you, but I hope you can see in my pain, the pain of thousands of your constituents and will work as hard as you possibly can to regain our trust.



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A Rational Counter Proposal to Paul Ryan’s Budget

Before I begin this post, let me just issue a hearty welcome to whoever visited me from Redondo Beach, CA! 🙂 Whether you’re SBF, TF, MF, DF, (CF not from Redondo Beach but maybe visiting his relatives) or MA, please believe that I am glad you came! 🙂

Since Representative Paul Ryan and the other House Congresspeople have proposed such a completely insane budget, the Democrats need to offer a counter proposal that’s as far left as the Ryan budget is far right. That’s the way you negotiate. It’s not by saying, “Ok, you want more than we’re willing to give but we’ll not only start by meeting you in the middle, we’ll actually start by giving you even more than you’re willing to settle for”.

It doesn’t work that way! If you do that, then they think you’re starting with more than you’re willing to give and then they want to settle somewhere in the middle which is way more than you’re willing to settle for. But if you’re the one in power, then they think you’re cheating them and not compromising.

This is exactly what has led to the Republicans proposing such an insane budget. The more you give, the more they think they can get away with.

So, I’m going to offer a counter proposal of just a few of the things I think we should offer as our starting position.

1. Remove the age limit for Medicare. ANYBODY can buy into it or buy it for their children. For those who make 2 times the poverty level or less, the government will subsidize all of your premiums, deductibles and co-pays. From 2 times the poverty level to 4 times the poverty level, the subsidization will gradually taper off until those at 4 times the poverty level will pay full price.

2. Get rid of Medicaid since option number 1 will cover everybody.

3. Provide food “stamps” for anybody who’s at 2 times the poverty level or less and gradually taper them off until you’re making 4 times the poverty level. Cut the red tape and make it easy to apply for them and get them. Set up “soup kitchens” all over the country so that anybody, with no credentials whatsoever, can walk in at ANY time and get a good, nutritious meal.

4. Triple the minimum wage and apply it to illegal aliens. Make the penalties for not paying the minimum wage so that it’s a SERIOUS deterence even for those who don’t pay the minimum wage to “illegal” workers.

5. Increase taxes for those who make 2 million dollars or more to with a graduated tax from the base amount up to 95%.

6. Eliminate all tax loopholes for rich corporations and set a flat corporate tax rate of 25% except for deductions for small businesses.

7. Increase tarifs so that all products made in other countries are competitively priced with domestic products.

8. Raise taxes on companies who hire foreigners and outsource work to other countries to the point where it’s competetive to hire Americans.

9. Reduce the military budget to one fourth it’s current level

10. Immediately break up all companies that dominate their industry if they are one of 20 or fewer coporations in a similar income bracket so that each company becomes at least 10 or more companies.

11. Dramatically increase tax breaks and incentives for small companies with fewer than 100 employees and especially those with fewer than 10 employees.

Well, I’m sure I could think of more, but I guess that’s enough for now.

So, Republicans. NOW Let’s meet in the middle!

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Another day my blog hasn’t been suspended

Thank God(dess). How much longer must I worry about the posssibility? How mmuch longer must I look over my back every few minutes to see if the crazy SBF is going to get me?

Well, I think the livefeed recorder thingy may have scared him off for now. Of course I still think it was his brother that was stalking me. But, whatever. You have to know that M has to remember me and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

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My fax to congressman Paul Ryan

Dear Congressman Ryan,

You tell us that you’re “saving Medicare”. But after I’ve paid into the system for 47 years, you’re suddenly going to change it 2 years before I’m eligible (assuming the 53-year-old limit stands). I’m skeptical. I’m scared. I haven’t even heard what anybody has said it’s going to do. All I know is I don’t understand why you’re suddenly messing with a system that I’ve depended on being there for me my entire working life. Sure, you might say it won’t be there unless you fix it but you don’t have to make fundemental changes to fix it, just provide more money. Yes, you can provide more money. I found a way to pay into it for 37 years (47 years by the time you mess with it), so you had better find a way to pay for what I’m depending on!

You know something Representative Ryan? When asked, “Do tax cuts pay for themselves?”, even Allan Greenspan finally admitted, “They do not.” He didn’t say maybe. He didn’t say under certain circumstances. He said, “They do not”.

This has never even been an actual Economic’s theory. There are certainly many debatable issues in economics but this is certainly not one of them. The fact that you still believe it demonstrates clearly that you’re living in a fantasy world.

Therefore, I ask you, when somebody has clearly demonstrated the kind of magical thinking that you’ve demonstrated, why should we believe anything you say?

Why should I not dedicate my efforts and money to insuring you lose your seat in the House of Representatives (whether to a less radical Republican or to a Democrat) even though I’m not in your state much less your district?

And why don’t you allow emails from non-constituents when you creating legislation that will affect everybody in the country? Because all you care about is whether or not you get re-elected?

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Why my blog was suspended

Just in case anybody cares, I finally figured out that the guy who I suspected of getting my blog suspended 3 times, was indeed the person, and I managed to get him to talk to me and tell me which post he had reported.

Of course I disagree that it was a violation of the terms of service but I’m obviously not going to win that argument with WordPress and I do agree that the post was more negative than something that I want to be on my blog. In fact, I had actually deleted it after the first time they suspended it because I’m really not that nasty a person and had just reacted in a fit of drunken anger after he allowed his 9-year-old daughter to post a nasty comment on my YouTube channel 6 months after “the event” and just after I’d had a run-in with another internet bully on YouTube.

But when I examined the XML after my discussion with him, I realized that I had forgotten to empty the trash! Oops! I also didn’t realize the export and import feature brings your “trashed” items along with it.

At any rate, to those of you who post something you regret on WordPress and later delete it. WARNING! Don’t forget to empty the trash!

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