My fax to congressman Paul Ryan

Dear Congressman Ryan,

You tell us that you’re “saving Medicare”. But after I’ve paid into the system for 47 years, you’re suddenly going to change it 2 years before I’m eligible (assuming the 53-year-old limit stands). I’m skeptical. I’m scared. I haven’t even heard what anybody has said it’s going to do. All I know is I don’t understand why you’re suddenly messing with a system that I’ve depended on being there for me my entire working life. Sure, you might say it won’t be there unless you fix it but you don’t have to make fundemental changes to fix it, just provide more money. Yes, you can provide more money. I found a way to pay into it for 37 years (47 years by the time you mess with it), so you had better find a way to pay for what I’m depending on!

You know something Representative Ryan? When asked, “Do tax cuts pay for themselves?”, even Allan Greenspan finally admitted, “They do not.” He didn’t say maybe. He didn’t say under certain circumstances. He said, “They do not”.

This has never even been an actual Economic’s theory. There are certainly many debatable issues in economics but this is certainly not one of them. The fact that you still believe it demonstrates clearly that you’re living in a fantasy world.

Therefore, I ask you, when somebody has clearly demonstrated the kind of magical thinking that you’ve demonstrated, why should we believe anything you say?

Why should I not dedicate my efforts and money to insuring you lose your seat in the House of Representatives (whether to a less radical Republican or to a Democrat) even though I’m not in your state much less your district?

And why don’t you allow emails from non-constituents when you creating legislation that will affect everybody in the country? Because all you care about is whether or not you get re-elected?

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2 Responses to My fax to congressman Paul Ryan

  1. You Dolt. Youa re not going to lose your Medicare. It will bepaid. It just may be modified where you have a choice. You are dumber than a brick.
    You should be fighting mad at “Obama” for taking $565 Billion Dollars “Directly From Medicare”, in order to fund his Obamacare. He stole it from the elderly. Seniors Benefits will be cut in half or worse and this is in 2014 or sooner. Adn you worry about your selfish self. “May the Fleas of 1,000 Camels Infest Your Armpits”

    • I know I don’t have any readers any more since Mr. SBF got my blog cancelled 3 times but, who knows? Maybe I’ll get some back when I get up the guts to ask WordPress if I can keep this blog and I start advertising it again. So I’ll speak as if I do have readers.

      To all my good readers, I would like to point out this comment as a superb demonstration of the tactics that the elites will use against you to try to sway your belief in righteous, goodness and the American way.

      Notice how they use no facts, no arguments, simply attacks. That’s what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to bully you into giving up your beliefs and to doubt what we know is right. Note how they use double-talk and semantic nonsense such as creating a bill that eliminates the program we know as “Medicare” and creating a new program that who knows how well it will work (virtually all the experts say not very well), calling it “Medicare” and then saying that we aren’t going to lose our “Medicare”. lol! It’s like killing your brother John, then giving you somebody else and calling him John and saying that he’s your brother so you haven’t really lost your brother.

      Notice how they attack your sense of selflessness and generosity by turning it back on you. They use your own work ethic and sense of patriotism against you and try to trick you into believing that you’re less than them. That you deserve to live in poverty in your old age after a lifetime of working your ass off and paying into a system that they despise because it gives back some of the millions or billions that they’ve taken from you by exploiting your labor.

      So I would like to offer my thanks to the commenter for presenting us with such a superb example of the sociopathic tactics that the elites use to brainwash Americans into making them richer and richer. šŸ™‚

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