Mr. SBF. I told you I don’t care about Facebook

Do you think it’s a victory because you managed to get my fake Facebook account suspended? I told you I don’t care about Facebook. I have a real Facebook account but YOU will never know about it. Do you think because you can’t see my philosophical rants any more that you’ve gotten rid of me? Not! And if you’re actually planning on suing me, getting me kicked off of accounts won’t help you because you won’t have proof of your claims! But of course, you wouldn’t tell me about your plans if you were actually planning on carrying out your threats so I don’t believe a word you say.

And of course the REAL reason you wanted me off of facebook is because every word I say disproves everything you say about me!

Oh and btw, I could easily create another fake Facebook account any time I want. But I’m tired of you! Leave me alone! I was over you a LONG time ago.

If you don’t like what I write, then block me and don’t READ what I write!

And stop lying by saying you told me not to contact you (or your family). You NEVER did. You keep SAYING you did, but the ONLY person you told me never to contact again is your younger daughter. And besides, you can’t just say vicious, horrible things to a person and then tell them to shut up and not say anything back. That’s bullying. And I have zero tolerance for bullying.

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1 Response to Mr. SBF. I told you I don’t care about Facebook

  1. Well, it turns out it’s not suspended anyway. I just had to choose whether that facebook account or another one I had was the one I wanted to keep and I decided to keep this one. 🙂

    And Mr. SBF, if you promise to quit trying to get my accounts suspended, I promise I won’t say anything mean about you again and won’t directly (i.e. through email, social networking accounts, comments on your blogs etc) contact you or any of your immediate family again or write anything (except what’s already published on my youtube and wordpress accounts including future accounts that I may have to create because this or future ones are suspended, deleted or cancelled) that directly addresses you or any of your immediate family in the first person unless you or they directly contact me or write something that directly addresses me or says anything mean, impolite, accusatory or slanderous about me in public or private to anybody in the world. If any one of you does any of these things, then by virtue of the fact that you, as legal guardian, are responsible for the conduct of your minor children and almost certainly associated with anything your wife or children say to or about me, I will interpret such actions or conduct as de facto permission to respond, to any one of you I choose, directly, or indirectly. Dated: 2/19/2011.

    There is one other thing I promise. In the past, you’ve probably misunderstood me because you didn’t realize that your child was contacting me behind the scenes and you probably didn’t think that getting my accounts suspended constituted “contacting” me. So, in the future, if I contact one of you, I’ll tell you the reason why I’m doing so. Either one of your children contacted me or you were searching my sites or you got one of my sites suspended or whatever. In any case, in the future, you will always know that it has always been one of you that “contacted” ME first.

    Lastly, you have never actually asked me not to contact you or any of your family except your younger daughter. You have only claimed (a false historical statement) that you have. You never actually asked me When you say something like, “I warned you not to contact me or my family”, that is a false historical statement and does NOT constitute a request for me not to contact you. If you lie like that, then the lie itself gives me the right to contact you or your family to defend myself. If you actually ASK me politely, then I will honor it provided that none of your family contacts me or tries to drive me off of web sites or gets my accounts suspended or slanders me personally or in public.

    And don’t bother trying to sue me. The judge will either laugh you out of court or send us to mandatory arbitration where I will EASILY win (while subpoenaing your children and a whole bunch of their online friends to prove that I either NEVER “talked” to ANY of them or that when I did, it was to warn them about giving out their cell phone numbers or school names or whatever) and I will certainly counter sue you for slander.

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