WordPress – Are you going to suspend me again?

I did my best to figure out what I had done wrong but I guess I’m just not that good at figuring out when I do things wrong. I need somebody to tell me and you wouldn’t tell me what I did wrong. Neither would “he”. I really do want to do what’s right but I need somebody to tell me when I’ve done something wrong. I think I finally figured it out, but I may have endangered myself by doing so. I hope not. But I’m willing to take the risk because I really want to do what’s right. Why couldn’t you just tell me? ;(

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2 Responses to WordPress – Are you going to suspend me again?

  1. marywexel12 says:

    im srry u keep gettin suspened!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks! šŸ™‚

    And thanks for visiting my blog.

    I’m pretty sure I figured it out though. There’s this guy who I called a jerk and bully and all kinds of other (much worse names šŸ™‚ ) in one of my posts and then I gave out his full name including middle initial. I had an argument with him and he told me he had reported it. So I deleted that post and all the others ones about people I’ve had a conflict with and they haven’t suspended it yet. šŸ™‚

    Guess I shouldn’t have done that. But he really is a bully! He even said he was going to find out everything there is to know about me. Like stalk me. I wonder why. I think he might be planning on hunting me down and beating me up, or even worse!

    The thing that really confused me is that I read the Terms of Service over and over and over again it never said that giving out somebody’s name was a violation. Oh well, live and learn.

    P.S. Mr. S.B.F. I can tell you’re watching me! In case you weren’t aware of it, WordPress tells me when the most searched for term on my blog is YOUR NAME! I REALLY would appreciate it if you’d leave me alone!

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