I miss my little one! ;'(

And people, when you see me put a crying emoticon on my blog, I really am crying.

Although he’s not “mine”, he belongs to my bff/roommate’s son, but I just call him my little one because that’s what I think of him. I’m not much of a bird lover as pet (though I have a fetish for birds in the wild) but he was so sweet! The other one is kind of mean and bites me when I try to get him to sit on my hand but “my little one” just hopped eagerly up on my hand and I would sing for him and he would sing for me.

And now he’s gone! They say when a Cockatiel escapes to the great outdoors, it rarely comes back. I’ve walked all over the neighborhood singing (whistling) my special tune for him but he’s nowhere to be found. I don’t think they will fly at night so it’s possible I can find him tomorrow but I think it’s going to be too cold for him to survive tonight. Not to mention all the cats, raccoons, squirrels and birds of prey in the area. I miss my little one! ;'(

My bff/roommate wants to get another one to keep the one that’s left company (sorry, no, we haven’t named them) but I’m not thrilled with that idea. I don’t really think birds should be kept cooped up in a house. But his buddy is certainly going to be lonely so I don’t know what to do. I think her idea of giving him to somebody who needs a mate for a female is probably a better idea. It’s also possible that, having had his buddy as his only real companion for so long, he might actually die of loneliness. I’m so sad. ;'(

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