Let’s "steal" some of OUR money back from the billionaires (who stole it from us!)


The billionaires are really good at tricking us into believing that what’s in their best interests are also in our best interests, but some of us are starting to wake up.

Are you out of work? Do you have friends who are out of work? How many of you got a raise or a bonus last year? How many of you worked for years without a raise? Have your health insurance costs skyrocketed and benefits been dramatically reduced in the last few years? How much money did you lose from your 401K when the stock market crashed? How many of you still have pensions?

Our country is turning into an Oligarchy. The Senate is a House of Lords.

How have we become poorer while the rich get richer and we don’t notice it?

They’ve done it by atomizing our economy. In other words, they’ve broken the economic effects of the loss of our wealth into chunks that most of us don’t notice. Some examples of this kind of economic loss are: The loss of jobs (or at least good paying jobs), defaulting on home loans, massively increased health-care costs, massively increased college costs, increased payroll taxes, bubbles in the markets that suck away our retirement resources or cause massive increases in the costs of commodities, government policies that encourage businesses to eliminate pension plans, decreased average wages, decreased taxes for the wealthy, increased government debt, usurious levels of interest on credit, decrease in payouts of social welfare programs, building up the Military so they have more of the middle class under governmental control and many other small ways that we don’t recognize.

Some political pundits say it’s deregulation and the conservatives counter: But Bush increased regulations. And they’re right. In some respects. He increased the total cost of government regulations but decreased the number (1). Conservatives, of course, cherry-pick the numbers and decide which one is the most important one with no rationale to support their choice.

What they completely brush over, however, is that many of the regulatory agencies, especially the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) were effectively neutered by Bush. He did this in three ways. 1) He appointed people who were not qualified for the job or were even generally incompetentl (2) 2) He appointed people who were fundamentally, ideologically opposed to the mission of the organization that he appointed them to (3). 3) He reduced funding for some crucial regulatory functions (4).

What often doesn’t get communicated by the political pundits when they say “deregulation”, is that they mean specific deregulations that virtually our entire government, both right and left, encouraged or at least went along with over the last 30 years or so.

bubbles in the housing market that cause people to buy homes for more than, “creative” lending and the relaxation of regulations that enable predatory lenders to

Who was Sam Kinesson? (sp?)
A.K. Pradeep – Neural Marketer – San Francisco Chronicle – Buying Brains – Secrets for selling to the subconscious mind.

Thomas Jefferson – I hope I shall never see a day, when America has so many paupers, that its young men are willing to be shot at for a 6 pence.

Thom Hartmann – And we are there right now.

Well, it seems to me that labeling me an “Obama defender” (*insert eerie music from Poltergeist*) allows you to categorize all of my opinions as being antithetical to yours. Or at least somebody whose opinions you can automatically disregard as delusional. That’s called stereotyping. But I’m NOT an Obama defender! Not even CLOSE! I only care about truth.

I can’t stand this blatant myth that the conservatives are spreading around that business aren’t hiring because of uncertainty about what the government (actually they specifically blame it on Obama) is going to do concerning taxes. Anybody who actually runs a business knows that this is complete nonsense. This is not an actual economic theory put out by any reputable economist. I used to encounter this type of mythological thinking all the time when I would debate creationists. They would say something like, “Maybe the Biblical Patriarchs (Moses, Abraham, etc.) prior to Noah and the great flood, lived much longer because the water
that was going to cause The Flood, sitting above the atmosphere in a great shell around the earth, blocked ultraviolet radiation which caused less damage to their cells. Then they would spread this purely made-up story from person to person as if it were fact. Eventually, all the creationists would believe it as a proven scientific fact because it had been repeated so many times. This is exactly what the conservatives are doing with this “businesses are nervous about taxes” made-up story.

There is no evidence whatsoever to support it and it absolutely flies in the face of reason and evidence. Taxes are a trivial portion of a business’s expenses and when you consider that there’s pretty much no chance that they’re going to fluctuate by more than a few percent. The CEO of my company explained to his employees why he laid many people off and split off the unprofitable portions of our company.

I think there are a lot of people in the United States who understand that the fundamental cause of the collapse of our economy was the collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers which caused a panic in banks all over the world because they no longer knew who they could trust to pay back their debts any more. The result was a freeze of the credit markets. For a time, it became nearly impossible to borrow money.

I think there are also a lot of people in the United States who believe that this situation was “cured” by the “bailout” that was started under President Bush and continued by President Obama. What they don’t realize, and our CEO told us, is that the situation hasn’t been “cured”. There has been a fundamental, and most likely permanent, shift in the way banks make loans. It’s now far more difficult to get a loan. This has resulted in a fundamental and quite likely permanent change in the way most businesses operate.

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