Of Bigots and Bullies – Muslims: Go to the back of the bus! <– Note: This is what AMERICANS are effectively saying, NOT ME!

And in the meantime, millions of Pakistanis suffer because of the floods in their country!!



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There is a debate going on in America right now that I find truly beyond belief! I am stunned that this kind of prejudice still exists in the United States. According to some polls, 70% of Americans believe the Muslims should not build “The Mosque” near “Ground Zero” (it’s actually a Community Center). It was once named the Cordoba House but has now been renamed to Park 51 because of the “sensitivities” of Americans about a myth that Cordoba Spain was conquered by Muslims back in the 13th Century.

There is no subtlety or nuance here. This is flat-out, bald-faced prejudice! The thing that makes it tolerable to many Americans is that it’s religious prejudice. I understand this mentality because I used to be a “born again” Christian. I was taught that all other religions were created and maintained by Satan. Since Islam seems to produce so many terrorists, it’s easy for Christians to assume that Islam is the most Satanic of religions. This is especially true when they hear some of the wildly distorted stories from the Koran that are passed along via rumor from one Christian to another (totally ignoring some of the horrific stories from their own bible).

Newt Gingrich actually had the unbelievable audacity to make the sick comparison of Muslims to Nazis! There is absolutely zero wiggle room here. This is blatant, all-out, flat-out, prejudice. When you say, or even imply, that there is some kind of symbolic connection between Muslims and 911, you are saying that you are prejudiced and there is absolutely no excuse for it whatsoever. To equate Muslims with terrorists would be just as bad as to equate Christians with Tim McVeigh because of the Oklahoma City bombing. Since Christians claim that the founding of our country was based on Christianity, should I blame all Christians for slavery in America? Should I blame Christians for the Crusades or the Witch Hunts? This is a completely inexcusable, indefensible position.

The main defense of the (mostly right-wing) bigoted punditry and politicians in this country is that, in the words of Representative Eric Cantor (R-Va), is “but COME ON!”. Or, in the words of Rep. John Boehner (R-Oh), “The fact that someone has the right to do something doesn’t necessarily make it the right thing to do”. In the words of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, “We all know they have the right to do it, but should they? This is not above your pay grade”. My answer: Yes! They SHOULD! These people are trying to support the First Amendment but still be in favor of denying First Amendment rights to people they don’t think deserve them. What they’re really saying is that they support it in theory, but not in practice.

Is it the right thing to do? Absolutely! Those who speak of the “insensitivity” of the Muslim Americans who are building this Cultural Center are ignorant. And yes, if the polls are right, then it includes 70% of Americans. They are the ones who are being insensitive to their fellow American Muslims who suffered every bit as much as they did on that terrible day. No! I don’t give a DAMN about the sensitivies of bullies and bigots! This is every bit as horrible as if I were to blame all of you Christians because my 3-year-old Niece was killed in Iraq by an American “Christian” soldier. Those of you who are allowing yourselves to be tricked by this evil rhetoric are ignorant fools but the pundits and politicians who are spewing this slime out into the American landscape for political purposes are truly, despicably evil.

The fact is, you don’t support the “Mosque” or not, you support the First Amendment or not. You don’t support the “sensitivity” of the American people or not, you support prejudice or not. You either support the rights of all Americans to practice their religious beliefs or you stand with the bigots down through the ages and tell them to go to the back of the bus. If the Muslims were to give in to this evil, then they would be giving their implicit approval to prejudice. They would be saying that it’s ok for them to hang their heads in shame and admit that they “know their place”. They would be encouraging you to tell them that they are less than you. It would be horribly, terribly wrong for them to give in to bullies. Do you think Martin Luther King would have EVER won rights for blacks if he had told his people to just go to the back of the bus? Thank Goddess Martin Luther King didn’t give in to this kind of prejudice. Thank Goddess that the modern “niggers” are standing up to their oppressors!

NO!!! I WILL NOT tell the “niggers” to go to the back of the bus! NO!!! I WILL NOT have “sensitivity” for BIGOTS and BULLIES!

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  1. Hmmm…very very good to find out, there were with no a doubt numerous things that I had not idea of before.

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