Please help! American Financial Institutions Starved MILLIONS!

There are a couple of causes that have really touched my heart. A couple of years ago, I encountered a website about children who have cancer and people who express their support by getting their heads shaved! lol. I thought it was a really amazing way of showing support for a child. Saint Baldrick’s

Since I haven’t had a haircut in about 20 years or so, I don’t think I could do that, but I donated $300 or so (I don’t remember the exact amount and I donated twice) and a Luminaria specifically for M.F. 🙂

Recently, I’ve become aware of an even more heartbreaking situation. It turns out that the unethical and quite possibly illegal actions of the massive “too big to fail” financial institutions in the United States not only brought about a worldwide recession but actually starved millions of people!!

I’m notexaggerating!. It’s true! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate the United States as sick conservatives would say, I just recognize that our country is controlled by evil monsters with far more money than they should have!

They are the parasites of the world! They’ve brainwashed millions of Americans into believe that what’s best for them is best for the poor and middle class too, when, in reality, the exact opposite is true! They continue to get richer and richer while millions of people throughout the world starve and most Americans get poorer and poorer. What can possibly justify one person having billions of dollars when millions of people are starving?!

I used to be a victim of their brainwashing! I used to believe their sick rationalizations! But I finally woke up. We must stop them!

There is another very deserving organization that I would like you to consider contributing to. I’ve been listening to a talk show host named Thom Hartmann for years and he helped found this organization. It’s helped many severely abused children and deserves to be helped in return. They’ve been severely damaged by the financial crisis that was perpetrated upon us by the filthy rich but they deserve to survive.

Please help! Contribute to the New England Salem Children’s Village. You don’t have to give $200 like I did. Even if you can only contribute $10; every penny counts! Thanks!

Thom Hartmann

New England Salem Children’s Village

Thom Hartmann on Youtube

My New England Salem Children's Village Contribution

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