Are you afraid of monsters? No, they're afraid of me!

LOL! I love Doctor Who! (The title is a quote from his next episode).

So what does this post have to do with Monsters or Doctor Who? Well, probably nothing actually. I just thought it was a cool quote from Doctor Who.

But it does remind me that there really are monsters here on the Internet! Not so much on WordPress. There just aren’t a bunch of child molesters trolling for kids on WordPress since there just aren’t that many young kids showing off intimate details of their lives the way they do on youtube. Youtube, OTOH, is just infested with them! It still shocks me when I see an 11 or 10 or 9 or even 8-year-old girl (or boy, though girls seem to be more prevalent) uploading videos of their personal lives for anybody to see and form an attachment to them, that they aren’t even aware of. Without parental supervision.

There are some children, some fabulously talented such as Jackie Evancho and Sabrina Carpenter, who have channels that are essentially run by their parents, and those are fine. It’s the unsupervised children who are using youtube as a social networking site that scare me. They often investigate those who attempt to befriend them no more than to look at the icon or background picture and see that it’s a picture of a child. But anybody can upload a picture of a child! There are literally gangs of pedophiles who pose as children in order to trick them into uploading naked videos (or worse!). If you don’t believe me, go to bullybuster3. She and her group have encountered youtube pedophiles who focus their efforts on PRE-PUBESCENT children! We’re not just talking 15 or 14 or 13 year olds, here. In her case, it was her own 8-year-old daughter who was conned (I don’t know if he actually succeeded).

This is why I’ve called myself Guardian Angel; because I work to protect some of those children. I’m not an activist like bullybuster3 and her friends, but I do what I can when I encounter unsupervised children. My site is Skydancer365. This is also one of the reasons I’m EXTREMELY reluctant to give out any real, personal information about myself. I have acquired some enemies.

If you’re a child, please go to bullybuster3’s channel and follow her guidelines for children. If you’re an adult with a child on the internet (ESPECIALLY youtube), please monitor and supervise them!

on an up note, here are some pictures from my front door after a little hail storm we had recently and a picture of my roommate’s son and his girlfriend 🙂

My front yard after a hail storm

My neighborhood after a hail storm

My roommate's son and his girlfriend

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One Response to Are you afraid of monsters? No, they're afraid of me!

  1. Update: Bullybuster3 closed her account. That’s unfortunate because her story helped me to convince a few kids to quit posting personal information about themselves. When they see a channel where a mother talks about her own 8-year-old daughter who was victimized, it brings it home to them in a way that my words cannot. Plus she was really good at investigating them.

    I’m not sure who to recommend now. Maybe TheReptube01 though he allows some REALLY wild conversations on his channel so I’m hesitant to recommend him. But then again, maybe it will shock people into realizing how bad things are on youtube.

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