Racist Tea Party WASPS

Yes. They are racist. Well, maybe not all of them. But most of them. Probably not overtly. Probably not even consciously. But they are.

They’re afraid. They’re angry. They’re old.

They know the America they’ve known is disappearing. The America of white supremacy. They say they want to “take back ‘our’ country”. Who’s country?! It’s not mine!. Yes, I’m a WASP; well, except that I no longer believe in religion so I’m not “Protestant”, but I don’t identify with old, fat, white men like myself. They are ignorant, angry, selfish pigs who want to maintain control of “their” country. But it’s not their country! It’s our country! All of us! The black. The white. The brown. The catholics. The protestants. The men. The women. The children. The atheists. The pagans. The straights. The homosexuals. It’s our country! Not yours!

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