She is too obedient!

Last night I met the daughter of a friend of a friend. I’d met her when she was about 3 but hadn’t seen her for 10 years. I won’t go into much detail but her mother did some work for me and her daughter helped out.

She was somewhat shy and I noticed that her mother was very demanding, overbearing and authoritarian. Excessively so, IMHO. The thing I found disturbing is that this 13-year-old girl was extraordinarily obedient. She would instantly “snap-to” and do everything her mother commanded her to do, without question. I think I even saw a look of fear on hear face whenever her mother spoke.

To be honest, I found this rather cruel on the part of her mother so, although I didn’t speak to her much, I tried to be exceptionally kind to her when I did. I noticed that the more kind I was, the more shy she became. And when I thanked her profusely for helping out, as she left, she seemed embarrassed and barely acknowledged it.

That was bizarre to me! It’s unnatural for a 13-year-old in the United States to be that obedient! It seemed like bullying. I’m afraid when she’s older, she’ll be abused by control-freak men who want slaves instead of partners! I fear for her future. I weep for her present. ;’)

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